Managing Producer

David Scott

David is a Producer/Director/Creative with more than two decades of success working with Fortune 100 clients, tech startups, large agencies, and the major Hollywood Studios. For the last six years his focus has been on tech-forward marketing and advertising campaigns, interactive/mobile marketing/sales/e-commerce tools, and large venue experiential & event content.  In his spare time, David like climbing sheer rock walls and flying planes upside down.

Hideki Kawata2.jpg


Hideki Kawata

Hideki oversees the overall creative direction for LightFiction.   With a background in industrial design, Hideki is passionate about using CGI and the latest trends in technology in visualizing products in the most stunning way possible.  Also a master sushi chef and avid rock climber.

Don Pham.jpg


Don Pham

Don used to build out 3d spaces for video games, now he does it for real architectural projects and product visualization.  He leads interactive development, utilizing the latest in real-time technology to create immersive experiences.  A former martial artist turned into newly obsessed rock climber.

Michael Valestrino.jpg


Michael Valestrino

In addition to creating kickass CGI and piloting the drone, Mike keeps his eyes on the latest in production tools and integrates them into the team workflow.  

Blake Freitas.jpg


Blake Freitas

With an architecture background from Calpoly, Blake works with architects and designers to visualize their designs through photorealistic CGI as well as ensuring consistency in art direction.